10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Him Smile

5/22/2019 | 0 Comments

“Your father, Jo. He never loses patience, never doubts or complains, but always hopes, and works and waits so cheerfully that one is ashamed to do otherwise before him.”― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women Father’s Day History How did Father’s Day begin? Well, there are a couple of stories involving two women, living on either […]

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Dress Up Your Front Door For Summer

5/19/2019 | 1 Comment

“Jo had learned that hearts, like flowers, cannot be rudely handled, but must open naturally…” Little Women, Louisa May Alcott Welcome Home Front Door Flowers Do you want to dress up your front door? Let me start off by saying, I do not have a green thumb. I don’t have a green pinky or ring […]

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San Diego Family Vacation: Day 3 – La Jolla

5/15/2019 | 0 Comments

“Some people seemed to get all sunshine, and some all shadow.” Louisa May Alcott, Little Women A Day In La Jolla We were getting ALL sunshine during our San Diego family vacation: Day 3 – La Jolla! Known as “The Jewel of San Diego,” La Jolla is a beautiful hilly seaside community within the city […]

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Fast Beauty Routine: Flawless-In-Five

5/6/2019 | 5 Comments

“I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.” Louisa May Alcott, Little Women To Wear or Not to Wear Makeup? Beautycounter helps answer that question. My idea of getting ready for the day, before I became a stay at home mom, was not quick. So when I did find myself in this new role, I […]

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Keto Diet Dinner Plan: May 2019 Meal Calendar

5/1/2019 | 2 Comments

It’s May meal planning time! This month I have created a Keto Diet Dinner Plan. As the month leading into summer, I’ve decided to take on a new diet challenge. The whole month of May I plan to stick to the Keto Diet. May 2019 Meal Calendar: By planning our meals ahead of time, it […]

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