“When they got up on Saturday morning, there was no fire in the kitchen, no breakfast in the dining room, and no mother anywhere to be seen.”

Louisa May Alcott, Little Women.

Mother was at the grocery store, trying to figure out what the heck everyone wanted to eat!

Been there? Done that? Wondering around the grocery store, trying to find the best deal on ground beef–do you get 93% lean or 97%? Grass fed or who knows what…organic or does it matter? Frankly all the decisions are exhausting.

What’s not exhausting? Sitting in your pj’s grocery shopping! I am lucky enough to have Instacart in my area.

Besides not having to take four kids to the grocery store, there are numerous other benefits to Instacart grocery shopping. You can save money! Yes, you heard me right. I have experimented with this A LOT. 🙂 Mostly because my husband didn’t believe having groceries delivered could be cost savings. Also, it is a HUGE time saver. You already made the list, so let someone else do the shopping. 🙂

      Here is how it works:

  • Pick the grocery store (or stores) you wish to shop from
  • Browse items on your grocery list (you can sort price from low to high)
  • Add groceries to your cart
  • Check Out
  • Pick your delivery time frame
  • Add payment info (you can tip before or after delivery)
  • Select alternative items in case yours are not available

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Happy Shopping…