“The humblest tasks get beautified if loving hands do them.”

Louisa May Alcott, Little Women.

Sometimes I find myself reading my Bible, doing my quite time, and then I hear it…the dryer beeps. My intentional time with God is interrupted. I love that time. It’s only a few minutes a day that I steal away, but then all of a sudden, I have to get up and fold endless amounts of laundry.

I think to myself, “Eve!! Why the apple?!?! You could have had any other piece of fruit in the garden! If the biting of the apple had not occurred, I might not have SO many clothes to wash!”
My kids wouldn’t say things like, “Mom, you didn’t wash my shirt that I HAVE to wear to school today!” or “Is my uniform washed?”

We would all just be in our birthday suits!

Okay, so maybe clothes aren’t so bad. However, laundry is a pain in my side. It’s the chore that I dislike the MOST! 
How can doing laundry be beautified then? It’s mundane, lonely, and just when you think your done…it’s time to do it again. It is a humble task for sure, but it’s something I do for my family. It needs to be done. I know this because when I don’t do it, it causes great chaos in our house.

So while laundry may seem like a thorn in my side, really it is a great service to my family. I don’t love doing it, but I love knowing that when all the shirts are folded nicely, and all the pants are hanging unwrinkled, my family has a sense of structure in their lives–which is beautiful!

Last summer I invested in a few items that make laundry a little less painful:

  1. Adjustable Draw Organizers
  2. Freestanding Hanger Holder
  3. Notched Tubular Hangers

Happy Folding…