“Jo had learned that hearts, like flowers, cannot be rudely handled, but must open naturally…”

Little Women, Louisa May Alcott

Knock!Knock! Flower Unboxing

Welcome Home

Front Door Flowers

Do you want to dress up your front door? Let me start off by saying, I do not have a green thumb. I don’t have a green pinky or ring finger either. My plants actually give me a finger as they slowly turn yellow and wither away.

I killed an ivy or two in college. Most of what I plant just dies, despite my half effort to keep them alive. I like to think–I grow children. Children that give me a hard time about my inability to keep plants alive!

My husband told me, “NEVER buy a plant AGAIN!” I haven’t bought a plant in about two years, but I’m ready to try again! I found a subscription service to a front door flower pot arrangement. The company is called  Knock! Knock!

What Is It?

Dress Up My Front Door

Knock! Knock! is a company that takes the guess work out of what to plant each season. The prearranged flowers are delivered straight to your door and ready to plant. Plants/flowers are picked based on 4 different variables:

  • your front door type
  • amount of sunlight
  • type of planter
  • your planting zone

I like to change my front door decor with the seasons. Fall and Christmas tend to get all the glitz and glam. Spring and Summer tend to be a little plain. I wonder why this is?

It could be that I’m over decorating right after Christmas. Next, here come spring sports, end of year activities, and CRAZY MAY! I want to do better. These are gorgeous months you can celebrate with pretty flowers.

Therefor I looked for a simple solution to dress up my front door for the summer. I did a couple of online searches for summer potted plants, and nothing jumped out a me. But low and behold, good ole Facebook came to the rescue. I guess their creeper technology came in handy this time. Up popped an ad for Knock! Knock! I clicked on it, and before I knew it, was all signed up for delivery.

Ordering Process

Pick Your Season

Follow the simple directions on the website, and wait for your delivery. Check the seasonal delivery time frames–there are windows for each season. In addition, a subscription option is also available. The recurring subscription sends you a new arrangement for each season of the year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Your arrangements come with simple directions on how to plant and care for your new flowers. In addition to the plants, you will need a few gardening essentials like pots, potting soil, and a watering can (or garden hose).

Flower Delivery


After my Knock! Knock! box arrived, it was well packaged and the plants were all thriving. I wasn’t sure how the arrangements were actually fitting in this rectangular box, however, to my surprise…they popped out beautifully!

The plants come packed in recyclable trays. The Directions said to make an indention in your planter soil with the trays, then remove trays and place your arrangement in the indention.

I added some soil to the plants after I placed them in the indention to keep them in place. Next, you need to water!

The above may not be the best watering technique. Yikes! I quickly grabbed the water hose from her after I saw my plants getting beat up, but you get the idea.

I am looking forward to a long summer full of beautiful flowers on my front porch! Wish me luck in keeping them alive.

What are your secrets to healthy plants? Please share any tips and tricks you might have. I will update this page with my plants’ progress through the summer. Stay tuned to watch me dress up my front door in fall, winter, and spring!

New pot to better accommodate my arrangement.
Update: June 12, 2019
Love how much this has grown!

Happy planting…