Nordgreen Philosopher – 40mm Gold

There’s no denying, smartwatches have taken the watch world by storm. They’re tiny little computers right on your wrist. 

But call me old fashion. I still love the polished sophistication of a proper wristwatch.

I love the classic look and simple functionality that a distinguished timepiece adds as an everyday accessory. Watches are so practical, functional, and…well, pretty! 

There’s just one problem. Not all watches are created equal.

Over the years, I’ve invested in fashion watches I just “had to have.” Only to wear a few months and have them stop telling time. 

And I’d spent a pretty penny on each one. So to have them not tell time…not acceptable!

If I wanted a pretty thing to put on my wrist with no functionality–I would have bought an expensive bracelet!

Which brings me to: The best new watch that’s not a smartwatch!

Classic Look

The Nordgreen Philosopher is a classic statement piece. It’s simple, sleek, and everything I want in a watch. I’m a lover of all things gold! But I’ve learned over the years that gold means a lot of things to a lot of people.

Nordgreen’s gold-finish is exactly the finish I desire. It’s not too bright and not too shiny.

In fact, it is a refined elegant gold.

And since I am a little flashy, I went with the 40mm face, although it does come in a smaller, 36mm size as well.

Timepiece Feel

The Philosopher is lightweight with a mesh band. 

Actually, the mesh band may be one of the reasons I LOVE this watch. It feels great. And by feels great, I mean it doesn’t scratch or pinch like other watches. 

From the time you put the watch on, you can tell a lot of time and attention when into the design. 

Plus, it makes you feel pretty!

Watch Function

Only time will tell how well this watch functions. Get it? Time will tell. 

I’ve only had my watch for a short while, but so far, everything about the Philosopher screams quality!

But because I know you want results, I will periodically update how my watch is working here!

Nordgreen – A Danish Company

Nordgreen is a Copenhagen based company. Their Danish roots and Scandinavian designs are cultivated deep into their business. It is evident their watches are created with a minimalist and authentic approach. Functionality and quality seem to be what drives their authentic brand. 

The Watch That Gives Back

Say what? You heard me right. By purchasing a Nordgreen watch, you are then able to choose an important cause in which they will contribute a portion of your purchase.

My watch came with a little booklet that explains the exact process for entering the Give Back Programme. There is a unique serial number on the back of each face. Simply enter that number into

Read about the causes, pick one, and bam–you are winning at giving back.

Chief Nordgreen Designer

I did a little digging on the designer–Jakob Wagner. And apparently, he’s a big deal. He is one of Denmark’s most respected and award-winning designers. New York’s MoMa even displays one of his designs as part of their permanent exhibition!

In similar fashion to the watch I received, his designs are considered minimalist, sophisticated, and poetic. 

Other Notable Initiatives

So this watch company is charitable, employees one of the greatest designers of our time, and…

  • Carbon Neutral: Offsets their carbon footprint by planting 1000’s of trees
  • Sustainable packaging: FSC certified, with packaging from responsibly managed forests
  • Responsible Manufacturing: Adheres to the highest manufacturing standards.  

Beauty, Function, and Ongoing Mission

Don’t get me wrong, I do own a smartwatch. I just don’t necessarily want to go on date-nite and have my watch tell me…

“You can still do it. Just a 20-min brisk walk!”…”Breathe”…”Time to stand up”…”Your mom’s calling”…”The kids are baking, is that ok?”….

And I think you get the idea. 

I want a watch that’s classic and sophisticated. Something that says: 

I’m a mature adult, and I don’t take orders from a watch.

I’m not a work-out machine.

I just want to feel posh and poised.

Yea, that kind of watch. So my pick for the best watch that’s not a smartwatch–Nordgreen Philosopher.

Honestly, the Giving Back Program was a surprise to me. When I opened my watch, I found a sleek black envelope containing a simple little booklet. It had a brief description of the company, with its mission statement, and the instructions for the Giving Back Program.

There are three options from which to choose. I took a vote with my four daughters, and the winner was–Provide Clean Water.

Nordgreen is partnered with “Water for Good” so that when you purchase a watch, you can give two months of clean water to one person in The Central African Republic. 

Elegant Watch + Giving Back

…maybe I just found Christmas gifts for everyone on my list (and it’s only July). 

*Nordgreen did provide the watch for my review, but all opinions are my very own. Also, all links are non-affiliate. Meaning, I do not have a monetary interest in sending you to the Nordgreen website. Just a helpful suggestion for a fantastic watch company!

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